Best Modern Application of the Bible…Ever

A reminder to all you fanboys (and girls) and Bible lovers:
Jewschooler Douglas Rushkoff will soon be releasing Testament, in which he shows readers how the stories and themes of our beloved book repeat themselves in this day and age, giving one and all a new way to find relevance in the Torah. With fantastic visuals by veteran artist Liam Sharp, this title promises to go all iconoclastic on us, shattering old ideas like an Abraham in an idol shop, in true Rushkoff style.
An fascinating interview about the book can be found here.
Just want to point out that the image on the right is portraying the Akedah. Notice the embellished altar with a bull’s head. Veeeery eeeenteresting, no? I wonder what is being suggested here. Either way, it should be exciting to find out, as it is, of course, in delicious comic book form…..
Issue #1 hits newsstands on Wednesday, December 21st. I’ve already got mine reserved, and I’ll grab one for you too, if ya ask nice.

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