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Give your nominations for the Best Passover Links

Dear Jewschool Readers –
As the month of Nisan begins, many of us are thinking forward to Passover and how to make spice up our seders. While we may not all be responsible for leading our seders, many of us are looking for ways to get in the Passover spirit, add something meaningful to your seder, or learn more about the holiday on your own. We at Jewschool would like to connect our readers to all of the useful resources there are out there, but we need your help.
We are currently compiling a “best of” list for web resources for passover. Please submit your favorite sites in a the comments to this post or via email to in any of the following categories:
-Overall Passover site/”mega” site
-Full Haggadah downloads
-Passover Haggadah supplements
-Passover related graphics
-Passover stories (traditional and modern)
-Site with free Passover mp3s to download
-Passover site with lyrics to parody songs for seder
-Explanations of modern Passover rituals
-Divrei Torah about Passover
-Passover greeting cards and animated cartoons
-Games and activities for kids on Passover
-Social action points related to Passover
-Passover recipes (sephardic and ashkenazic both welcome!)
-Guides for halakhot (laws) of Kosher L’Pesach
-Misc./no specific category.
Please give us as many sites as you know of (specified by category) by Wednesday, April 5 so that we can give you the results in time for your seders.
Thank you!
-The Power of the Shamir

16 thoughts on “Give your nominations for the Best Passover Links

  1. e-mail or comments – whichever you prefer. let’s get the ball rolling people! even if you think everyone knows of a certain resource, please send share as many links as you can.

  2. we’re espeically looking for gems that you’ve found that one may not find on a regular internet search, such as this earth-based haggadah i recently came across. thanks sara for the idea of afikomen prizes and fun props for the seder. jewschool readers – please keep ’em coming!

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