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Bitter Lemons

It’s been about 5.5 years since we’ve mentioned the site Bitter Lemons.
If you’re not aware, the site picks a weekly topic then asks two Palestinians and two Israelis for their opinions. This week’s topic, no surprise, is Obama, while the several previous posts were on different Gaza topics.
Well worth checking out the site!

3 thoughts on “Bitter Lemons

  1. Interesting anecdote: the essays on Bitter Lemons have been used in machine-learning research which tries to “automatically identify ideological perspectives expressed in text and video”. See Wei-Hao Lin’s home page:
    In one of his papers, he lists the 50 words used by the Israeli and Palestinian authors; while they both have many words in common (“Israeli”, “Palestinian”, “peace”, “conflict”, “violence”, “state”) there are some words that appear only on the Israeli list (“disengagement”, “fence”, “terrorism”, “war”) and others that appear only on the Palestinian list (“occupation”, “wall”, “negotiations”, “land”, “law”, “military”).

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