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Blessed is the One who spoke the world into being

Once again, we are delighted to announce the courses for the 2008 National Havurah Committee Summer Institute! The Institute will be August 11-17 at Franklin Pierce University in New Hampshire. Every teacher is a student, and every student is a teacher.


  • S. Bear Bergman (Poretsky Artist-In-Residence) – Storytelling, Diaspora, and Survival
  • Julia Appel – The Art and Spirit of Prayer Leading
  • Mitch Chanin – Controversy for the Sake of Heaven: Facilitating constructive dialogue across political differences about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and other controversial issues
  • Stephen Eisdorfer – Law and The Law
  • Shelly Fredman – The Soul’s Search for Meaning—Creating a Personal Theology
  • Bob Freedman – What Words Can Do!
  • Bob Goldenberg – What is oral about “Oral Torah”?
  • Matthew Goldfield – Infinity and God
  • Jill Jacobs and Guy Izhak Austrian – It Goes Without Saying: Power, Passivity, and Social Change
  • Eleni Litt – Line, Color, Form: The Shape of Torah and the Kabbalah of Color
  • Benjamin Maron – Beyond the Binary: the “Other” Genders in the Mishna and Contemporary Judaism
  • Adele Reinhartz – Diversity and Rupture: The “Parting of the Ways” between Judaism and Christianity
  • Aviva Richman – The Vagina Monologues Meet the Talmud
  • Micha’el Rosenberg – Do We Mourn for the Dead, or for the Living? The Case of Suicide in Halacha

See you in August!

6 thoughts on “Blessed is the One who spoke the world into being

  1. Dang, I’m on the organizing committee and I have to find out about the courses through JEWSCHOOL?! Hehe. These look fabulous. Can’t wait to see you all there.

  2. it was a tough year to be on the course committee. the decisions were hard but we are thrilled with the outcome. Make sure you get to NH!

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