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Taking advantage of the blogging medium, several zealous students at Columbia University have created a new group blog, Columbians For Academic Freedom, focusing attention on the recent allegations of antisemitism within the school’s ME Studies program. Among the said goals of the site is to force the university to

Diversif[y] the Middle Eastern and Asian Languages and Cultures department for the sake of academic integrity and intellectual diversity. We ask the University to encourage greater emphasis on the major challenges facing the Middle East, such as democracy, women and minority rights, civil society, religious fundamentalism, and modernity.

The group also demands the school address charges of academic repression raised in the controversial film Columbia Unbecoming.

3 thoughts on “Blog Radar Blip

  1. Jewschool is a great site because one can sense a policy at work that gives a great level to either the wit or the serious issues all being linked to. It deserves to win the 2004 blog award. But this website being posted here, come on, read a bit first – there are no names claiming responsibility on any contact or home page, it is unauthored, “student group” except for the posts from a few, from one especially, .. and basically appears like a shill for the film and its interests while claiming interest as a site for democratic freedom of speech related to a serious departmental restructuring. A serious matter implied with the whole Columbia story still unfolding, shouldnt be hidden in anonymous handlers…and thier not so subtle discourse. Jewschool is usually at least discerning that much for its readers, please continue.

  2. now, now…town crier has his thumb on the pulse of the yu crowd and the orthodox upper west side. if he thinks its relevant, it probably is.

  3. Sure, ok – trust in bad tactics of anonymous calls for “democratization” because so-and-so has the”pulse” of wherever. Like Bush? who tells us exactly the same – just trust him as he has the pulse of the US, through the popular vote etc.etc. Just enjoy.

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