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  1. Actually, it’s a rabbinic law [as in something that the rabbis of the talmud added in their discussions in the common era] that people can’t have sex outside marriage. According to Torah law [which is usually considered more authoritative], and as was the custom in the ancient world, prostitution was legal and accepted, so long as neither the prostitute or the person using one was married. Adultery gets the death penalty for both parties. Another fun note: the hebrew word for prostitute is “kedeisha” from the same root as “kadosh” (holiness). Only kohanim [people descended from priets] are required to marry women who are virgins. Sex with non-Jewish women is actually therefore a good idea [if you’re going to have sex before marriage], since you in theory won’t be marrying them, so you won’t have to worry if your wife is a virgin.
    The biggest issue with sex outside of marriage has to do with observing the laws of family purity, meaning that a woman must go to the mikveh [ritual immersion in water] before she can be intimate with her husband.
    There are actaully exist some halakhically observant unmarried heterosexual couples who go on “tefillin dates” [i.e. guy brings his tefillin cause he’s going to wake up at her apt. the next day] who observe these laws strictly outside of marriage with rabbinical supervision/approval. It’s not that common, but more common than you’d think [at least here on the upper west side.]
    To summarize, [not that i endorse this in any way] sex with non-Jewish women can be problematic outside marriage, so this is why you find craigs list casual encounters of frum guys looking to have sex with frum women – this way they can at least keep the more important laws of purity.
    My advice to Shabot: your bashert [soul mate] is out there somewhere. I’m not saying you need to settle down just yet, but why not try some nice Jewish robots?
    p.s. has shabot actually converted yet or is he still learning?

  2. But Shamir – what about the smoking? If you can bring down a psak that one can pre-light a huge spleef and take drags over the course of the shabbes then perhaps Shabot will have his power plug clipped.

  3. Whatever helps you sleep at night, Shamir. 😉
    Tefillin dates? That sounds pretty bogus to me. I thought the Talmud was very clear on the prohibition of pre-marital relations?

  4. “I thought the Talmud was very clear on the prohibition of pre-marital relations?”
    Spilling seed…Laws of Onan. Very big no, no. But like Mordechai Kaplan said, ALL Jews pick and choose which Halachot they follow. And I’ll add, they usually do this according to the Freudian idea of pleasure over pain i.e. It causes me more pain than pleasure (theological pleasure) to refrain from touching my hot NCSY girlfriend.
    In this regard, Modern Orthodox Judaism tends to look like what observant Conservative Jews might look like if they practiced Conservative Judaism.

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