Boro Park Baby Boom

Dubbed New York’s “Baby Factory,” a new health department report indicates Maimonides Medical Center located in the heart of Jewish Brooklyn at the top of the list for most baby deliveries of any city hospital.

Maimonides took the top honors away from Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New Hyde Park. “I guess they’re having more sex in Brooklyn than they are in Queens,” quipped one staffer.

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7 thoughts on “Boro Park Baby Boom

  1. thank goodness some jews take seriously biblical injunctions – who knows, we may end up with more than 103 jews in this country at the end of the century

  2. hey avi…here’s some sexy time advice,
    when you’re with your woman…and you got the marvin gaye going…champagne perhaps…massage oil…don’t break into a hissy fit about the low birth rate and poor Torah education people are receiving. Cuz buddy, you’ze gonna be contributing to that low birthrate.

  3. You know what else contributes to low birthrates? Educating women. We should probably throw that out the window too, eh Avi?

  4. Sam,
    What are trying to say? That only an uneducated woman would want to have a large family because she doesn’t know any better?
    I’m with Avi on this one, the more Jews the better!
    Of course how these children are raised is the more important issue.. to grow up to be good people who will bring peace and tikkun olam and not chillulli Hashem and more violence.
    And Striemel’s got a point too 🙂
    I don’t want to hear about fulfilling my halachik obilgations in the bedroom, keep all that talk in the bais medrish (a little conversation a little more action!)

  5. I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with large families. I only point out that there is an extreme correlation across the world between low birthrates and regions in which women receive higher levels of education.

  6. Just because of that correlation, does it then follow that Avi intends to reduce women’s education? Looks like a logical fallacy and an unjustified attack.
    I wouldn’t mind if we got rid of the Women’s Studies Departments, however.

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