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Boundaries and Transgressions: New Zeek online, in print, and in person

April marks the publication of Zeek Magazine’s Spring/Summer 2006 print issue, our April online issue (which shows off our website’s new look), as well as the annoucement of our next big event on May 18:
Highlights from Spring/Summer 2006 print issue:

  • Ruth Knafo Setton, When God Yelled at Me
  • Gordon Haber, Peyos ex Machina
  • Mordecai Drache, Queerness and the New Jewish Cultures
  • Phil S. Stein, How I Ended Up at the Jerusalem Same-Sex Attraction Group
  • Rachel Zucker, Alluvial
  • Jay Michaelson, A Tranparent God: Tensions Between Buddhism and Judaism
  • Alex Mankowitz, White Meat
  • David Shasha, The Levantine Option: What the Ashkenazim Have Hidden from Us

Highlights from April online issue:

  • Dr. Jonathan (Yoni) Garb on “New Age” Kabbalah
  • Passover fiction by Jeremy Mullem
  • Sarah Glover reviewing Beth Grossman’s virgin Mary Jewish artwork
  • Esther Solomon on Israel’s Coffee Craze
  • Leah Koenig on the latest Barbie movie
  • Poetry & Prose by Joseph Dobkin, Jay Michaelson, and more
  • Art by Melissa Shiff, Andy Curtis, Bill Bragg, & others

Also, May 18:
“Boundaries and Transgressions: Words+Music from the New Jewish Culture”
This unique, multimedia art event cosponsored by Zeek and the Makor Artists Network: This will be an unforgettable evening of video art, spoken word, music, and even puppetry – featuring Sam Apple, Jenny Romaine, Ruth Knafo Setton, Adalantre, Avi Fox, Merav Ezer & Corey Feiner, Rabbi Jacob Staub, and many more.
Thursday, May 18, 8pm at Makor (35 W 67th Street, NYC)

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