13 thoughts on “Boy they’re getting creative…

  1. It’s not a giant cross, it’s a sign for the Aliens. They are obviously working in cahoots with Mel Gibson. It’s a conspiracy!!!
    Run Away!

  2. It’s a pretty typical teenager prank. When my house was vandalized in high school, they used bleach and weed-killer on the lawn.

  3. I thought briefly of revenge; however, I can’t even hardly draw a star of david, much less lay down weed killer in that complicated a pattern.
    The new design is still killing my eyes.
    OK, I suppose I could draw a Magen Dovid. But with weed killer, in the dark, with all the goyim around? That would be difficult,my friends.

  4. Didn’t Bart do something like that (only a lot more cleverly) in an episode of the Simpsons a few years ago?

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