BRB Rending My Garments

This might be the worst news I’ve read on the internet in a very long time:

Kosher Delight, a 28-year old establishment on Broadway between 36th and 37th street is scheduled to close on Sunday, according to rumors and the restaurant’s staff. (via Yeah That’s Kosher)

Sure, it was dirty. And a meal there always seemed like it came with the risk of infection. And the bathrooms looked like a set from a low-budget horror film. But it was home.
Forget Koach. Can we raise money to save Kosher Delight?

Kosher Delight

2 thoughts on “BRB Rending My Garments

  1. Does this erstablishment’s closing have anything to do with teh working conditions there? Any attempt of those working there to improvie the conditions under which they labor?

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