Breaking the Silence recruits from Birthright in Mahane Yehuda

Breaking the Silence is an Israeli organization of former combat soldiers who served in the occupied territories who make it their cause to educate Israelis and American Jews about the reality of the daily occupation. Using their personal experiences as soldiers on the front lines and tours of Hebron, they explain the complex relationship security measures, settlement growth, human rights abuses, and 18-year-old Israeli soldiers out of their depth.
Next tour: July 22. Want to understand the conflict? See it for yourself.

8 thoughts on “Breaking the Silence recruits from Birthright in Mahane Yehuda

  1. Honestly, after all the hyperbolics you hear about Birthright’s sinister, evil, hermetically sealed, AIPAC approved, Lieberman stamped propaganda – including on this blog – I was half expecting some MiB’s to pop out from behind the spice rack and gun the BtS guys down in the middle of the shuk.
    BTW, and I am rarely one to make a fashion statement, but what is up with that shirt?!

  2. I was half expecting some MiB’s to pop out from behind the spice rack and gun the BtS guys down in the middle of the shuk.
    Really? I was more expecting the Birthright madrichim to say the secret word– a la The Manchurian Candidate — and then all of the future doctors/lawyers/business people/bankers/professors/journalists
    on the trip would immediately fall into a trance and rip the Breaking the Silence guys apart.
    Maybe the young people just hadn’t yet been thrown into the AIPAC-designed echo chamber?

  3. The Manchurian Candidate
    You just HAD to bring up Obama, didn’t you, Jonathan1. No conversation with you would be complete without the dog whistle to fascism. And I guess it’s all because he’s a “secret Muslim”, isn’t it? You fanatical, Islamophobic, right wing AIPAC echochamber racist! (whoever says it first wins)

  4. Look Victor, if I have one regret in life, it’s my 2008 vote.
    I mean I was all set to do the right thing. Obama had all of the necessary qualification for the most important position in the world:
    three years setting up job-training programs in Chicago, chosen as Editor-in-Chief of the Harvard Law Review, and then publishing a memoir at 34-years-old to top it off
    If that’s not a presidential CV I don’t know what is?
    Anyway, my hatred for African-Americans just got the best of me I guess–I should have watched that Sarah Silverman video a few more times as a self-intervention.
    God willing, though, there still might be hope for these poor, brainwashed, Birthright participants, who still have a chance at a normal life.

  5. I really think you and I should do a parody blog of Jewschool. You’ll be the talent, and I’ll be the sound of one hand clapping.

  6. You’re just trying to stifle and shut down debate! Classic fascist AIPAC ploy I learned about on Mondoweiss. Glad I caught it. Whew. I’m so proud of myself. I’m going to go write a blog post about how I confronted a Zionist land usurper. It will mostly be about my liberation from Zionist summer camp indoctrination. If you think about it, Zionist summer camp propaganda for American Jews is kind of like sex abuse for the Catholics. Wow! What an awesome, heretofore inconceived attack on the Zionist Establishment (aka ZOG on stormfront).

  7. A quote from the Feldman piece:
    At a recent Birthright open bar night dubbed “Zionism Is Humanitarianism,” I approached Steinhardt and mentioned that I’d had a Birthright boyfriend throughout last spring. “Is he the man of your dreams?” Steinhardt asked. “Is he here in New York?” No and no, I answered. “Well, a few months of pleasure is wonderful!” he exclaimed. Later, from the stage, Steinhardt promised a free honeymoon to anyone who met that night and tied the knot within a year.
    Who would not break into a cold sweat after hearing this sort of diabolical statement?

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