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Britain not doing enough about anti-Semitism

A 10 month investigation by members of Parliament in Britain has come to the conclusion that the police, government and other organisations are not doing enough to combat anti-Semitism.
SomethingJewish reports:

A rising tide of anti-Semitism is spreading across Britain and nothing is being done about it, is the damning indictment according to a report by a group of cross party MPs.
A ten month investigation by the All Party Parliamentary group found that less than 10% of reported anti-Semitic incidents result in legal action being taken. The group, chaired by Denis MacShane, the former minister of Europe is now asking for urgent action to deal with all forms of anti-Semitism.
The report confirmed that anti-Semitic literature is being widely distributed across Britain in which Jews are called for to be killed. As well as being publicly distributed in Arab bookstores in London, material has also been getting into University Campuses.

The Times adds:

A SINISTER alliance has developed between far-Right groups and Islamist extremists who are united in their hatred of Jews, Israel and Zionism and are contributing to increasing anti-Semitism in Britain.
A report criticises police forces for failing adequately to monitor anti-Jewish incidents. It calls on the Crown Prosecution Service to investigate why fewer than one in ten reported incidents leads to a prosecution.

3 thoughts on “Britain not doing enough about anti-Semitism

  1. Here, here! And not a moment too soon. As a Jew living in north London, I can tell you that anti-Semitism is reaching dangerous and alarming levels all over the UK. Whilst we always strive to protect ourselves in the Jewish community ( e.g. CST; ), it is heartening to see that the government report isn’t a whitewash. Let’s hope that it leads to action as no individual deserves to be persecuted due to their faith, or any other reason for that matter.

  2. We could start with the Crown Prosecution Service prosecuting anti-Semitic incidents reported to the Metropolitan Police for a starter.

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