British Jews Unite To Fight Shechita Ban

“A campaign to repeal laws that guarantee the right to practice kosher slaughter has prompted a rare show of unity among Britain’s Jews. […] The leaders of the newly formed Shechita UK, which brings together representatives of the groups fighting to keep shechita and the kosher meat it produces legal, say they intend not just to defend the practice against [new recommendations requiring animals be stunned before slaughter, a practice forbidden by Jewish law] but to prove that the kosher method of slaughter is as humane, if not more so, than the methods practiced in non-religious slaughterhouses.”

One thought on “British Jews Unite To Fight Shechita Ban

  1. While there may be some unity now, give them a few weeks and they will each try to back stab each other. Each of these groups has their own agenda and without trying to speak Loshen Hora, based on how UK Jewish groups help each other, they will only fall out.

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