12 thoughts on “Britney Ditches Chuppah / Madonna Ditches Rabbi

  1. There was a special on the E! network about the fad… it was troubling, and the fad is growing (probably with or without Madonna/Britney). At least the media coverage was fair– they brought in Rabbi Wolpe from LA to discuss the mainstream Jewish sentiment towards Kabbalah and the Kabbalah sect (that Kaballah without the rest of Judaism is nonsensical, and that the sect is essentially teaching a post-graduate degree to people who haven’t finished high school). He also seriously condemned the red-string and Kabbalah water bs.

  2. i thought britney was a baptist.
    >He also seriously condemned the red-string…
    the red string in general or just for the purpose of kabalah? because a lot of people, including myself, wear it after we go to israel and get it in jerusalem, but not for kabalah reasons.

  3. madonna (sorry, i mean esther) was upset that she got so much flak for “discovering” kabbalah. but what she really got the flak for was commercializing it, and it’s hard to deny that accusation while selling “kabbalists do it better” tee shirts.
    i also find it funny that she gave britney that medieval kabbalah text, albeit very sad. i imagine the author of that text, finishing his life’s work and praying, “please guide this to the hands of a true believer!” and i laugh and sort of frown.
    also i can’t stand britney, the final blow being one of my friends asking if my hebrew tattoo (aleph hay yud hay, “i am” or “i will be”, spelled NOT BACKWARDS) was inspired by hers (this was the first i had heard she even had one) and when i read about it i wanted to deck the friend and britney both. i was a jew before it was cool, dammit!

  4. one jew getting mad at a non jew for making her tatoo look bad. Man do we need moshiach….
    Beth, your tattoo of hebrew letters does not look cool. It broadcasts your ignorance and assimilation, and arrogance.
    But I love you and your tattoo anyways 🙂

  5. These are hilarious. I love you guys. Moshiach now, or bust…!
    PS Beth — All Avi was getting at is that it’s forbidden by Torah law to tatoo yourself. More observant Jews (such as myself, and I imagine Avi) shudder at the idea that you’ve tatooed yourself while still maintaining a healthy love for all Jews no matter how observant they are. … I’ll tell you this. One thing that you COULD have that Brittany surely doesn’t, is that same tatoo, removed. 🙂 peace sista!

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