9 thoughts on “Britney Hits The Books

  1. I live in tzfat, I would teach her. Although I think my wife would object to her moving in… now there is an interesting dillema… (goes off to think about it)

  2. Shamir,
    the Berg Kabbalah Center is handing them out for free in Israel at discounted rates and in the Shomron, door-to-door, for free by saying that it will protect you, your family and your home.
    Crock of sh*t – this is plain ‘avodah zara’ or idol worshipping.
    So subsequently, some synagogues then collect them from and send them to g’niza.
    and subsequently, when they set up a stand at a community event to hand them out, they had real large thugs around to make sure no opposing voice could be heard in that area.

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