2 thoughts on “Brooklyn Keeps on Takin’ It

  1. I wonder if that statistic is biased, because there are more Jews there. I mean, Kansas City can’t really compete with NYC in the number of antisemetic bias crimes, because there’s no Jews there to commit the crimes against.
    I would be more interested in a statistic comparing a ratio of antisemetic crimes to the size of the jewish population.
    Then you can cross reference it with any number of interesting factors, ie geographical location, average income level, race breakout, etc.

  2. No doubt there are a lot of factors there
    For instance what if they compared violence against different Jewish denominations
    Also who determines what is an anti-semitic crime? Clearly anti-semitic graffitti and vandalism of Temples counts, as do attacks when someone says something anti-semitic.
    But, for instance – how can they say with certainty that tire slashing or mugging incidents are anti-semitic or are not class based crime ? Crown Heights, Bushwick, and East Williamsburgh aren’t exactly nice neighborhoods

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