Brooklyn Properties are Hot!

It’s hard to be a frumme yid and a property owner. Not only do you have antisemitism and unfriendly building codes, but sometimes fire, if not lightning, strikes twice.
Our hearts go out to Joshua Guttman and Baruch Singer, whose warehouses were destroyed in a “suspicious fire” last night in a Greenpoint/Williamsburg area in Brooklyn.
Perhaps their woe will be mitigated by the fact that they will now be able to sell their $24 million dollar investment for $450 million.
For fire doesn’t just destroy. Fire transforms.
While it is too close to the subject of Guttman and Singer’s grief over their loss, perhaps one day they will find the strength of faith to say, “Gam zeh l’tovah!”
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10 thoughts on “Brooklyn Properties are Hot!

  1. Was this the same fire that the news was calling the worst one in NY since 9/11, and that the smoke pillowing upwards reminded people of that day? Does anyone know?

  2. HENRY (V.O.)
    And, finally, when there’s nothing
    1 left, when you can’t borrow
    another buck from the bank or buy
    another case of booze, you bust
    the joint out.
    HENRY (V.O.)
    You light a match.

  3. i was over there last night. my friends told me that the locals have been trying to preserve this row of factories as historic buildings and to rennovate them as lofts. however a certain developer has been interested in building condos there and was growing weary of the community’s resistance.

  4. so much for innocent until proven guilty
    but the good news is, i’m sure this is all over the antisemitic hate sites, which love the notion of greedy jewish developers burning down their own buildings to make a fortune. and if the buildings are historic — and could (oh please please please) one day become lofts — well then, hell, let’s call it Jewish lightning!
    oh wait, i read that on jewschool

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