Browse Some Talmud in English

The Soncino Edition of the Babylonian Talmud is now available online in translation in hypertext format.

Though all readers should take this translation with a grain of salt, since all translation is interpretation, it is an important resource to have in our vernacular seeing as it was originally written in Aramaic since that was their vernacular at that time. (If you want to do your own translating, all you need is Jastrow’s online dictionary. Well okay you may need more than that but still it’s pretty cool…)

Thanks to my Aramaic Professor David Marcus for pointing me to the site.

It may or may not be notable that they write that: “This website is inspired by Rabbi Professor Jonathan Sacks, Chief Rabbi of the British Commonwealth, and to a lesser extent, the current President of the United States, George Bush.”

[Editor’s Note] See Micha Ghertner’s comments regarding this translation here.

7 thoughts on “Browse Some Talmud in English

  1. Hey Mo, I think you need to know that Come and Here is actually linked up with a bunch of anti-semite folks.
    It is an attempt to knock Jews.
    Similar to the jew watch site.

  2. we know, see micha ghertner’s comments above, which i also posted to the front page. while the antisemitic smack talk is indeed there, the translations of the talmud are pretty accurate.
    i think i’m gonna gank the talmud portion and host it on my own server just to provide a non-antisemitic source for it.

  3. Ooh that elizabeth dilling woman! from the grave her horrible anti semitic talmud propaganda, anyway, keep in mind, guys, the word is that no one asked soncino press for permission to put their translation online, so what they’re doing(maybe some homework should be done on this) looks like copyright infringement.
    translating the talmud takes a while, I would respect all the hard work. there is another talmud online though, maybe not complete…
    probably not as good as soncino, but legal!

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