Bush Frothing Over Jewish Ballots

In response, perhaps, to the recent AJC report stating that the majority of American Jews are still voting Democratic, the Bush campaign is stepping up its plans to bring in the Jewish vote.

Allow me to use this opportunity to announce my full intentions to prevent him from garnering as much of that vote as possible. Hoy hoy. Perhaps you can help… Start by sending this article to every Jewish Bush supporter you know.

In the meantime, here’s more on such pathetic pandering in Jewsweek.

4 thoughts on “Bush Frothing Over Jewish Ballots

  1. The “article” is a little outdated. I think the casualty figures are off. And there is no way Clinton was a bigger friend to Israel than Bush. Go Bush!!!

  2. For the record, I’m not some troll. This site happens to be the furthest left that I can read. The opinions here are well supported. I happen to like Bush this election because in my opinion, I like that there is war with people trying to push us into the sea rather than peace. Bush is better for war against the enemies.

  3. Ziggy,
    “Bush is better for war against the enemies.” Not to sound condescending, but you have the intellectual maturity of a ten-year-old. Clinton was a much bigger friend to Israel because he cared about the peace process. Bush ran on isolationism and now just breeds more hatred for the imaginary America-Israel bogyman across not only the Arab world but Europe and Asia. Pushing the Middle East towards an Old West “shoot first and ask questions later” model is not what I’d call good for Israel. So maybe in the future you’ll be a little more thoughtful. You might just realize you shouldn’t be voting for Bush.

  4. Why the personal insults? That’s not a nice way to approach a political discussion.
    Arafat cares about the “peace process,” too. Bush doesn’t breed hatred for America-Israel. The Islamo-fascists do. I approve of the war so far from both Bush and Sharon. Not 100%, but better than anyone else’s suggested solutions. Evil has a face, and it’s time to fight.

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