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Bush: I think that in retrospect I could have used a different tone, a different rhetoric.

Well, perhaps the man does have some sense after all. On the same day that impeachment papers were filed against him, George W. Bush gave a rare, exclusive interview to the London Times. Not surprisingly, Mr. Bush chooses to interpret worldwide protest and condemnation of his persona and policies in his own intriguing manner: “I must be doing something. I must be using my position to embrace change.”
While he’s changed many things I’d love to take the time to write about, one thing he has changed is the language of the American involvement in the peace process. Simply by uttering two words, “Palestinian state,” Mr. Bush actually ushered the peace process forward, even if only an inch.
And now, as he is concerned that his legacy may have be remembered as a “gun-slinger” (gee, wouldn’t it have been nice if he thought about that before the last 8 years?), he wants to focus his attention to “The six-party talks, for example, in the Far East, in dealing with North Korea, the Iranian multilateral framework, hopefully a Palestinian state defined by Israel and the Palestinians.”
And in other news, the man who brought us two Bush administrations is supposedly being tapped by Bibi to steal secure his next go as PM.

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