Bush Lauds Jewish Contribution To America

“President Bush lauds Jewish contribution to America at the CELEBRATE 350: NATIONAL DINNER Held September 14, 2005” read a press statement I received last week. It noted that the event was hosted by Celebrate 350 and the Commission for Commemorating 350 Years of American Jewish History, a project of The American Jewish Historical Society, The American Jewish Archives, the Library of Congress, and the National Archives and Records Administration.
A brief description of the event appears in Express India, as well as of all places Al Jazeera. So it goes. You can also see it written up in Ha’aretz, as well as The Jerusalem Post.
The event was not without a touch of controversy. According to the Forward, a number of academics, who were invited as members of the Celebrate 350’s academic advisory council, thought it inappropriate for President Bush to give the keynote address, stating that his presence politicized the event.

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