But is it Kosher?

Alien afficinado Whitley Streiber’s Unknown Country reports,

NASA has discovered that small amounts of edible meat can be created in a lab. In fact, lab grown meat may be the food of the future for all of us.
In a recent issue of Tissue Engineering, Agricultural expert Jason Matheny writes about two new techniques of tissue engineering that may one day produce in-vitro (lab grown) meat for human consumption.

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4 thoughts on “But is it Kosher?

  1. I’d be very wary of the possible health effects this stuff might have. We’re only starting to understand the detriments that genetically engineered plant foods can have on our bodies…now this?

  2. Except that it’s not genetically engineered. GM organisms have their genes altered. This is just the same cell culture being copied again and again.
    A case could be made that pork manufactured this way would be kosher. It never came from a pig.

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