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…But Where Are the Other Five Questions?

The Today segment on MSNBC had a section on the Jewish view of heaven. Although IMO the treatment of Judaism was listing heavily toward comedy – I suspect they won’t treat Christianity this way, on their segment- I have to admit that Joan Rivers was in fine form (if it’s heaven, that means I’ll be able to get Wavy Gravy flavor, right?). But I do have to ask, where were the other five questions?
Shabbat 31a:
Raba said, When man is led in for Judgment he is asked, Were you honest in business, did you fix times for learning, did you engage in procreation, did you hope for salvation, did you engage in the dialectics of wisdom, did you understand one thing from another? Yet even so, if ‘the fear of the Lord is his treasure,’ it is well: if not, [it is] not [well].
Today show segment
Besides I had to post this – when else am I going to get a chance to check off the category of “eschatology?”

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