8 thoughts on “Caine Unable

  1. is it vegan is the better question. i’m told white sugar isn’t, because of all the animals caught up in the refinement process, cocaine might be in a similar category.
    I know rabbis in Jerusalem who smoke herb but eschew the Hash, because most of it comes from bad people in Lebanon. Cocaine might offer a similar problem to this too.
    Chalav Akum. hee.

  2. Actually, one is not allowed to snort coke because of the law regarding keeping ones body in good health to the best of ones ability.
    At any rate, to state the blatantly obvious, coke is bad for you.

  3. well… the health loophole is funny, because most of the candies and cookies that get OU on them, are nothing but damaging to your body. How can they be Kosher? Because the damage is long term, not short term? Is the standard for “damage” only rhat which wounds instantly? Because How can orthodox jews use refined oils and sugars with any good concience in that case?

  4. Antonio Diaz Villamil, a Bolivian author says about coca legend:
    God said to the andean people:
    “Guard the leaves with much love and when
    you feel the sting of pain in your heart,
    hunger in your body
    and darkness in your mind…
    take them to your mouth and softly, draw up
    its spirit which is part of mine
    You will find love for your pain
    food for your body and light for your mind
    Further more, watch the leaves dance with the wind
    and you will find answers to your queries.
    But if your torturer, who come from the North
    the white conqueror, the gold seeker, should touch it
    he will find in it only…
    poison for his body
    and madness for his mind
    for his heart is so callous as his steel and iron garment
    And when the COCA, which is how you will call it,
    attempts to soften his feelings
    it will only shatter him
    as the icy crystals born in the clouds
    crack the rocks, demolish mountains.

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