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CAIR Denounces Iranian Holocaust Conference

“No legitimate cause or agenda can ever be advanced by denying or belittling the immense human suffering caused by the murder of millions of Jews and other minority groups by the Nazi regime and its allies during World War II. Cynical attempts to use Holocaust denial as a political tool in the Middle East conflict will only serve to deepen the level of mistrust and hostility already present in that troubled region.”

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4 thoughts on “CAIR Denounces Iranian Holocaust Conference

  1. It’s hard to take this statement from CAIR too seriously. The conference has been in the works for quite a while. It would have seemed much more sincere if the statement had been made before the conference started.

  2. Now I am convinced – CAIR is great!
    Ahem . . . I have a bug in my throat . . . need to cough . . . ahhhchterroristsem!!!

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