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call for submissions — Mezuza zine

Give it up for David Arfa, who’s pioneering the latest in do-it-yourself halacha l’maiseh. This is (or will be) the cover to MezuzaZine, which is going to be just what it sounds like — practical halachos, cool stories, trivia, and other mezuza-related writings and drawings. Although it should be as funky as can be, we’re planning to hold with a Traditional Halachic common denominator.
A brainstorm of topics:

  • Basic Halacha of putting up a mezuza and which doorposts need them and which do not
  • D.I.Y. mezuza case… just add a shin
  • Where to find Kosher mezuza scrolls
  • Something mystical or deeper meanings
  • Interview with a Sofer
  • Funny PSA style advertisements with pictures of homes, Jews, and their mezuza choices

feel free to share ideas! send submissions and questions to mezuzazine at gmail.com

9 thoughts on “call for submissions — Mezuza zine

  1. Although it should be as funky as can be, we’re planning to hold with a Traditional Halachic common denominator.
    If you want to hold a particular approach to halacha, go right ahead, but don’t call it a “common denominator”.

  2. ok, so file that under “as long as it’s not made of paper.”
    dude! it’s mezuzas!! you REALLY REALLY don’t have to dig for controversy, i promise!
    but, if you want to submit and you’re unsure about anything…feel free to ask. we’re open, we’re interested in what everyone has to say. i promise.

  3. Ding*ding*ding! to BZ. I guess it really wasn’t that hard.
    But I gotta disagree with you (BZ) about “Common Denominators”. The way I understood Matthue, the zine aims to be as cool as possible, while still staying within what I like to call “the 700 amot of halacha”. I think “common denominator” is actually the best description of what he wants. Picture a bunch of fractions, all with the same denominator, but with a hell of a lot of different funky numerators (some of whom won’t even be numbers!). The image works for me!
    Numerator = interesting, personalized stuff
    Denominator = basic agreement on a “traditional halachic” framework, or some form/subset of one.

  4. yes, but what about ëåæå áîåëñæ ëåæå? is that part of the denominator or not?
    (if anyone doesn’t have any idea what I’m talking about, take a mezuzah and look at the outside, right over the words éãåã àìãéðå éãåã. You may see the abovementioned gibberish, and you may not)

  5. look — i’m not even the editor. i just think it’s a cool idea.
    if you want to write about mezuzas and you want to share it with the world, and it’s creative or funny or inspiring or imaginative, send it to mezuzazine (at) gmail!
    if you want to kvetch, well, get a blog. l*rd knows that’s what everyone else does.

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