7 thoughts on “Calling all Reform rabbis' kids

  1. Will the compiled results be public? I’m not a RRK. But, I have been friends with a number of them. So, I’m interested.

  2. You know, if you wanted to conduct this survey with conservative rabbis’ kids, all you’d have to do is pretty much swing a dead cat around the cafeteria at jts.

  3. haha.
    BD is spot on. as a jts student, i also feel like an oddball sometimes, not coming from rabbinical yichus. it’s ok tho’. my dad is an engineer, and would a rabbi ever tell you to keep a source of fire and a sharp knife on you at all times? i think not.

  4. I think surveys that ask questions like this one are a great idea, but ultimately what’s the point of an unscientific poll that anyone can fill out? The results are meaningless…

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