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Campus Antisemitism Reaches Its Peak

JTA reports,

Anti-Semitism on campuses is a “serious problem” that merits a campaign to inform Jewish students of their rights, the US Commission on Civil Rights said.
The commission came to its decision Monday after considering testimony last year from the American Jewish Congress, the Zionist Organization of America, the Institute for Jewish and Community Research and other groups.
The commission cited anti-Israeli propaganda appearing on campuses that exploits ancient stereotypes.
It recommended that the Education Department run a campaign to inform Jewish students of their right to be free of harassment and that it should collect data on anti-Semitic and other hate crimes at universities.
The commission also concluded that there is “substantial evidence” that some university departments of Middle East studies “may repress legitimate debate concerning Israel.”

8 thoughts on “Campus Antisemitism Reaches Its Peak

  1. Palestinian students distributed leaflets on a local Philadelphia campus containing an editorial by David Duke. Jewish students objected, but were ignored. Then Black students objected and the leaflets were withdrawn. That is a perfect example of the thinking on US campuses at least on the left.

  2. Oy. This is a good illustration of how existing anti-Semitism is used by pro-Israel organizations to influence the debate over Palestinian rights.
    I no longer trust Zionist organizations doing activism around anti-Semitism. They have an agenda, which goes far beyond opposing prejudice, and extends to supporting Israel’s policies, up to and including occupation and settlements.
    That particular twinning is one pillar of the current anti-Semitic madness; the other is made up of the actual extremist nuts they fight. Like Likud and Hamas, they are a mutually reinforcing pair, a victory for one is a victory for both.

  3. Huh. You don’t say. Interesting–cause I thought the consensus on this site was that the events at Columbia were no more than a few students crying wolf.
    Now that the US Commission on Civil Rights says it will you believe us?

  4. Charles, I for one do not support the settlements or the occupation. Iam not nor have I ever been a supporter of the Likud. You are assuming something that is just not true. Perhpas you should visit the web site It is a group of left wingers who oppose the settlements and the occupation, but they have banded together to fight antisemitism on the left.

  5. The trouble with socalled liberal zionist like Engage. Engage spends no time what so ever fighting the occupation. They say their against it, but there priorities say differently to me. They spend most of their time impuning groups trying actually end the occupation and a number of their accusations against those groups have proved false, or exaggerated. Oh I know there is such a thing as a liberal zionist, but you will find alot more of them at Americans for Peace Now, and IPF, then sites like Engage,

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