Can I have a McShwarma please?

McDonalds in Israel has not only launched their very own shwarma (which I will eventually try for the sake of science), but they have also managed to come up with perhaps the greatest advertisement in Israel’s history. It’s a parody of Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield banter about McDonalds in France.

The dialogue goes something like this:

Vincent Vega: You know what they call a Quarter Pounder in Israel?
Jules Winnfield: No.
Vincent Vega: Mac Royale.
Jules Winnfield (laughing: A Mac Royale.
Vincent Vega: That’s right. And guess what they call the pita bread with pieces of turkey?
Jules Winnfield: What?
Vincent Vega: A MacShawarma
Jules Winnfield: A MacShawarma.
Vincent Vega: Yeah.
Jules Winnfield: So a guy just walks into a McDonalds and says, “Can I have a MikShuwarma please”?
Vincent Vega: Yeah, except they don’t say “please” in Israel.
Jules Winnfield: (laughs).

Watch it here or download it here.

I’m lovin’ it!

A big ole’ Hamburgler hat tip to Shai and Dave.

14 thoughts on “Can I have a McShwarma please?

  1. “perhaps the greatest advertisement in Israel’s history”
    Are you taking the piss? It’s rubbish! The writers have no feel at all for the original text, the rythm etc. Tarantino should sue

  2. I haven’t eaten McDonalds here in Israel for seven years now and don’t understand why it’s so popular here. Always liked Burger King more but Burger Ranch is the way to go! I love their combo meal where three or four people can share a meal together. That’s Israel.

  3. Last time I was in Israel I ate Burger King 5 nights in a row. It had been 12 years or so since I had a tref burger at the King, and I was jonesing like a crack addict.

  4. Yeah, I definitely made serious efforts to get my hands on some BK on my last trip. It was not convenient, but you’d best believe I made it happen. It’s just a requisite part of going to Israel, IMO.

  5. The best part of Mcdonalds in Israel is it was bought out by a Religous jew who wanted to make them kosher and shomer shabbos and Mcdonalds turned around and sued the guy to stay opened . classy joint indeed

  6. yeah, if i eat poison, i like to at least get high off it or something. why not just eat food that doesn’t make you feel like shit afterwards? or do y’all just not feel your bodies very clearly anymore, except when it hurts for “no reason?”

  7. Play on words; ma ani kashur? Literally: why am I tied up but in slang – ‘what do I have to do with this?’
    As for the McDonalds licensee and religious/kosher; Ami Padan is probably a hero of Asaf’s crowd – the guy founded Peace Now. He has allowed some kosher restaurants to open, but only if the local market could support it (Rehovot, Mevasseret. Kiriat Ono). Don’t know what ‘anonymous’ meant about being owned by a religious guy – the first branch in Ramat Gan sold cheeseburgers and the still do today.

  8. Just got back from Israel, Commercial had me rolling!!! RIght on point…, Burger Ranch is the way 2 go though, similiar to Burger King… No real Israeli would by a Shawarma from MCdonalds when u can get one down the block thats fresher, meatier, and cheaper…

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