Canada to Establish National Holocaust Memorial Day

“Canada will observe an annual Holocaust Memorial Day under the terms of a private bill sponsored by five MPs from all parties. […] The bill was introduced and passed Tuesday with the unanimous consent of the Commons. It must still be approved by the Senate.”

I wonder if the antisemites who trashed Concordia last year will protest…

5 thoughts on “Canada to Establish National Holocaust Memorial Day

  1. I don’t know how seriously I take anything at LGF anymore. They’ve gone off the deep end, IMO.
    “There was also a contingent representing the Jewish Alliance Against the Occupation, who organized street theatre against Netanyahu.”
    montreal indymedia coverage
    “Sarah Waldman of Jews For Just Peace said there’s a small but vocal minority of Jewish people who “oppose the extremism that Netanyahu represents.”
    Globe and Mail

  2. the same testimony appears here:
    additionally, a canadian paper reported:
    Rabbi Mordechai Zeitz was spit at and pushed. Rabbi Howard Joseph and his wife Norma, a teacher at the school, were pushed and kicked. “They were all very shaken,” said B’nai Brith’s Raphael Lallouz, who said a six-foot-five 300-pound protester tried to block his way into the building. “And there were others from the Jewish community whom we don’t know by name who were assaulted as well. This is absolutely appalling.”

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