Can’t Take A Joke Much?

The architect of Berlin’s Holocaust memorial ruffled some feathers during a board meeting recently, when he cracked a second-hand joke made by his dentist, who, after putting in a gold filling, said “I just put a Degussa product in your tooth. Should take it out again?!”

Degussa is the company which manufactured Zyklon B, the gas used to kill Jews in Nazi gas chambers, and is also, incidentally (and ironically), graffitti-proofing the new memorial.

To say the least, the board members were not pleased. Frankly, I think that shit’s pretty funny.

2 thoughts on “Can’t Take A Joke Much?

  1. And you think Foxman is a tight ass. Still, Holocaust jokes are very hit/miss, and you need to know your audience before you tell them. It’s best to test the water with BMW and Volkswagon jokes, then move up to Nazi jokes. That reminds me of a letter someone who heads a Holocaust education program I know typed a letter that was supposed to be about a program they were having, but instead she typed “pogrom”. The spell checked didn’t catch it and it got sent to a bunch of Survivors.

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