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Car wash for Justice

So this time of the year we are all asking ourselves the great question: how can I get my car cleaned and not support the exploitative practices of most carwashes? Well, if you are in the Los Angeles area there is an answer. Temple Beth Am (with support from CLUE LA and cheering from Shtibl) is sponsoring a Car Wash for Justice. This is a chance to clean your car before Pesach and, at the same time, support carwashers who were locked out and fired from the Marina Car Wash (for organizing activities).
When: April 10, 9am-noon
Where: Temple Beth Am parking lot
1039 S. La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles Ca 90035
Car Wash includes: * Waterless Hand Wash * Interior Vacuum * Windows * Tires/Rims
Suggested Donation: Wash: $15 Wax (wash included): $35
Interior Detail (this is L.A.): $100 Compact Car $130 SUV/Truck

3 thoughts on “Car wash for Justice

  1. Ooohh. Three hours of work. That should help the locked out workers a whole lot.
    And what happens to them after Pesach?
    Does anyone have a CLUE, L.A.?

  2. Dear Mr. Boxthorn,
    What are you doing for these workers ? If you have a constructive plan about how we can better help them on an ongoing basis, please do post. Shabbat Shalom.

  3. What am I doing for these workers? Nothing. And that may be the best thing.
    Their jobs either:
    1/ Gone. In which case offering them the false hope of getting them back isn’t helpful.
    2/ Retreivable. In which case they can look forward to once again working for minimum wage (at best).
    These people whould be aiming away from working at a car wash, in which case doing ‘something’ as opposed to doing ‘nothing’ will more likely achieve.

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