Cat Stevens Picked Off For FWM (Flying While Muslim)

The BBC reports,

The British singer Yusuf Islam, formerly known as Cat Stevens, is due to be sent back to London after being refused entry to the United States.

The US authorities say the decision was made on national security grounds.

Mr Islam was on a flight from London to Washington when officials realised his name was on a “watch list”. The plane was diverted to another US airport.

Having only, just yesterday, found myself blocks from a terror attack in Israel for the first time in my life (I was just down the street at the station), I can certainly understand the government’s need to take precautions to guard people’s safety. But Cat Stevens a threat to national security? It’d be laughable if the implications weren’t so disturbing.

10 thoughts on “Cat Stevens Picked Off For FWM (Flying While Muslim)

  1. It’s the intoxicating mix of hysteria and paranoia, in a country which still finds it difficult to reconcile the needs of security with the standards of a reasonably open democracy. Idiocy is the result.
    Such idiocy is also why young Israelis were arrested in the US as a result fo the the 11/IX/2001 attacks (which every raving kook and his talking-back dog believe as “proof” of dark Israeli conspiracies).

  2. I haven’t read all the stories on this, but wasn’t he found to have been contributing to organizations with ties to terrorists? If that is true then I see no problem with the deportation. If it was done simply because of his faith then it goes without saying that is wrong.

  3. i think, if you hop far along enough down the chain, donating to muslim charities, you may eventually indirectly finance a group that supports palestinian militants (and in return terrorists), as is likely the case with stevens (tho, perhaps i’m mistaken).
    if a person donates directly to the jdl, kach, hatikvah center, bat ayin yeshiva, or the tapuach settlement, however, i guarantee they will not be barred from the country, despite terror ties to those groups.
    and if you’re a cuban terrorist, we’ll roll out the red carpet for you.

  4. John W. Leys wrote:
    “wasn’t he found to have been contributing to organizations with ties to terrorists”
    No. He was once accused of donating to some organization which was in turn accused of giving money to Hamas or something. But accusations are cheap, proof that he intended to support terror is harder to come by.
    If Cat Stevens is so dangerous then:
    1) why was he allowed onto the plane in the first place if he’s on a “watch list”
    2) why didn’t Tom Ridge lock him up?
    3) after not locking him up, why did they put him right back on another plane
    ” In response to the September 11 terrorist attacks, leaders from the United Kingdom’s political, artistic, and business communities joined together to pay tribute to the thousands of people who lost their lives. This organizing committee looked to raise funds for the World Trade Center Disaster Fund

    TBA tackled the committee’s expectations by incorporating and securing big names attendance from film, music and fashion, such as; Kevin Spacey, Dame Judi Dench, Jude Law, Dougray Scott and Sophie Dahl as well as performances by Cat Stevens, Cirque du Soleil, Mick Hucknall, Des’ree, Ruthie Henshall, Lord Lloyd Webber with his new vocalist Shonagh Daley, Maria Friedman, opera sensation Lesley Garrett, Iranian vocalist Sussan Deyhim, and the London Gospel Choir. ”

  5. ahhh, is it so difficult to credit the us government with some intelligence, or are there still amongst us who still dont acknowledge the evil that so many muslims perform: good old cat has: supported the iranian death fatah against soloman rushdie; supported hammas with money; made a great many antijewish antiisraeli statements. barred? he should be boiled!

  6. one day after yom kippur and avi is calling for the boiling of his fellow man with no citations or evidence for the wrongdoing of which that man is supposedly guilty. what a sad thing to see.

  7. Cat Stevens, aka Yusef Islam has supported the Fatwah against Salman Rushdie. He said that Rushdie should be assassinated. This is not the same person who wrote the peace train.
    I don’t know if he has changed again, but it seems reasonable to me that he was stopped.
    I don’t see how that makes me a bad person or that I am “calling for the boiling of my fellow man. He would certainly need to be watched continuously if the was allowed in the U.S.
    So far, American is not like France or the rest of Europe. Jews who wear kippahs or otherwise look Jewish can safely walk the streets without being a attacked by a Muslim fanatice.

  8. hey sam, do your own googling, im tired of doing research for everyone when information is easily found with a few clicks. and stop being so sanctimonius, my days in shul reaffirmed that im not going to take shit from anyone when jewish lives are at stake, here or anywhere in the world; muslims are murdering jews, americans, russians, spaniards, brits, etc etc – all in the name of islam, have you noticed? and have you noticed the outpouring of muslim clerics demanding this stop, demanding the killers be punished, saying they will go to hell?? oh, you havent—–will neither have i!!!! so sit back on your behind, protest because a muslim fanatic who use to be a good singer is treated the way he should be, because youre a good little liberal, while those of us who are doing something will be protecting that little ass of yours.

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