Center for American Progress takes on Conference of Presidents with new email newsletter

The Forward reports,

A prominent liberal think tank is launching a new e-mail newsletter following claims that the main daily digest put out by the Jewish community advances a right-wing agenda.
The Center for American Progress is set to launch the Middle East Bulletin, which will be arriving in subscribers’ inboxes beginning next week. It aims to take on Daily Alert, published by the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations and prepared by a right-wing think tank in Israel.
Sources involved with the new project are not directly presenting the initiative as a response to the popular Daily Alert, but they said that frustration over what they see as bias in Daily Alert sparked the idea of publishing a product that is similar, but in support of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
“We see ourselves as filling the vacuum that now exists,” said Jim Gerstein, a consultant who came up with the idea for the Middle East Bulletin. “We want to take all the good work that is being done by groups working for a two-state solution and amplify it.”

You can sign-up for the newsletter, or snag an RSS feed here.
I’m fortunate to have consulted on the project — I even bid on building the site, though it didn’t pan out. Which is really just an ego-laden attempt at full-disclosure. I’m very pleased to see it come to fruition, as this project is one I see as long-overdue and thoroughly necessary to advancing the causes of progressive Zionism and the pursuit of peace in the Middle East. Kol hakavod to all those involved for taking us all further in the right direction.

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