Move over Kosher Shaver, Shabbos Lamp, and Treif Faucet – cuz here comes the latest, complete with a banner on onlysimchas, I give you the Kosher Mattress:

What is a kosher mattress?

Many couples have the unique demand for two separate beds. But what size bed do you need? A standard “twin” size bed, alone, is not by any means large enough for a full size adult. A standard “full” size mattress, is more than big enough, but too big to fit two in a typical size bedroom, especially when they are separated.

This is why we have introduced the “KOSHER MATTRESS.” Available in your choice of either 44″ or 48″ wide, these mattresses are large enough to comfortably fit an adult, but won’t cramp your bedroom when placed with its pair.

We offer three models, ranging in firmness from “silver” to “platinum,” all top quality mattress. All sets include a mattress, the matching foundation, and a metal bed-frame with rollers.

Visit their website at KosherMattress.com.

6 thoughts on “Certifiable

  1. I agree Dovbear, a twin mattress should be plenty for one person. I think what this advertiser is a afraid to say is that it might be a bit tight for two people (gasp!).

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