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CFS: Orthodykes Anthology

Just to mix things up a little: A call for subs for an anthology that has nothing to do with either the election race or Israel! Rather, Orthodykes. I don’t know any more than what’s below, so please follow submission guidelines or pass along to potentially interested parties…..

Call for Submissions:
Deadline: July 31, 2008
Jewish women who are bisexual, transgender, lesbian or queer-identified live lives that can often be fraught with discord. But they have also mined the complexities and contradictions that come with these identities as sources for spiritual change, ritual innovation and community building. Keep Your Wives Away From Them is an anthology of professional scholarly essays and personal journalistic pieces that will document the stories of those who have lived in the meeting-ground of Judaism and queer desire. This anthology, in calling attention to an otherwise hidden or silent population of women, will unravel the puzzle of a seemingly impossible identity. It will also document the rich innovations in Jewish and queer life in the communities of Jewish LBTQ women and female born genderqueer individuals that have developed in around the world over the past 25 years.

Some topics KYW will address:
Life as a LBTQ person: What are the dilemmas and difficult elements of maintaining simultaneously and LBTQ identity? What are the joys and triumphs?
Family Ties: Personal stories may describe shifting filial or sibling relationships and severed or renewed family ties.
Community: Have traditional communities integrated LBTQ women into their midst? What rules must be followed to blend in?
Trans/intersex experiences: What are the challenges of being trans/intersex/genderqueer in the religious world and what resources are there for dealing with them? How do trans people adapt or relate to Jewish law, which so rigidly distinguishes between male and female obligations?
Ritual and Jewish Law: Often discussions of “homosexuality and Judaism” are focused exclusively on men. What are the sources of Jewish law, ritual, and halakah for interpreting classical Jewish teaching on lesbianism?
Requirements for submission:
• The essays in KYW will reflect a multitude of experience and contexts. Essays may draw upon personal experience or may be academic/scholarly in nature; literary non-fiction is also welcome. No poetry or fiction.
• Submissions must be carefully written and edited; personal pieces must be strong in narrative drive, dialogue, and tell a compelling story. Accepted submissions will reflect a diversity of experiences (class, culture and cultural setting, religious belief, educational background, geography, ethnicity, generation, and marital status).
• Essays should be 5-15 pages in length and must include a bio and CV. Must be in Microsoft Word file; double spaced, with margins of an inch on either side; one-inch indent for paragraphs, with footnotes as appropriate.
• If a submission has appeared previously in another publication, the author must obtain permission for reprint and pay any permission fees. The best twenty pieces will be picked and published in KYW by North Atlantic Books and distributed by Random House. Each accepted contributor will receive two copies of the book. Essays should be submitted as soon as possible and no later than July 31, 2008.
• Authors may publish under a pseudonym.
• Essays, short bios, and accompanying CV should be sent to Miryam Kabakov at KeepYourWives AT
About the editor: Miryam Kabakov, LMSW has been a builder, participant and beneficiary of Orthodyke communities in New York, Jerusalem and Berkeley and an activist in the Jewish LGBTQ world. As a young woman she first read Lesbian Nuns: Breaking Silence and made a non-binding vow to break silence for yeshiva girls everywhere.

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