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Once again, a number of Hareidim have violated the sanctity of the Kotel. As women prepared to pray on Rosh Chodesh Nisan, several chairs were thrown at the daveners.
Poor form. I mean, if you’re gonna cast something at the Wall, why not stones? If you’re gonna get medieval on someone, at least practice what you preach… Until then, we know it’s March Madness and all, but can someone tell these folks to give the Bobby Knight impressions a rest?

11 thoughts on “Chaireidim

  1. the fact that the men were arrested (rather than the women being interrogated) does seem like a positive step forward.

  2. Adam, I didn’t think of the Bobby Knight analogy. I was thinking the scene at the Kotel looked more like something out of a Jerry Springer show if the Klansmen from Geraldo’s show came to visit.

  3. >>“If only they’d have thrown flowers- for when you protest enough to show you still care…”
    I agree, either flowers or feta cheese crumbs would have communicated low-impact good taste.

  4. @jason – springer does come to mind. can you say baby-mamser?
    @israel – they already control the state. that’s the point.
    @eric – Feta cheese would add insult to injury, esp. if a. the women had just eaten fleish b. there was no lettuce or c. if the throwers then proceded to tell the women to clean it up as part of bedikas chametz.

  5. Adam, while hating the story, I’m loving additional sports related stuff around here. 🙂 nicely done. Maybe Ron Artest could staff the other side of the wall, blocking the chairs and whatnot?

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