Challah Hu Akbar!

Gotta give props where they’re due. An excellent new shirt design, brought to you by Jewlicious.

(CK—You should have it say Challah Hu Akbar as well. The pun gets lost in the translation.)

Speaking of which, all new gear in the Jewschool Sto’, including a “Ramah girls are easy” tee, a “Gaza Strip Club” tee, and a “Challah back!” pin. Hope you dig…

9 thoughts on “Challah Hu Akbar!

  1. someone might want to check their arabic…. the shirt says “challa and greatest”. a shadda on a single lamm would suffice and the waw is redundant.

  2. Mobius, who buys these shirts, and where do they live? Seriously. The “Gaza Stripe Club” Shirt is hilarious, but I think if I wore that in a few neighborhoods in Seattle, even nice ones, I’d get the crap beat out of me. I’d laugh as I was being kicked to a bloody pulp, but I’d want to know who else was laughing on their way to purgatory.

  3. Mo:
    Any way of getting the Ramah Girls Are Easy switched to Ramallah Girls Are Easy. And if so, can you make it in men’s colors / sizes? (Black and White, Blue and White, Red and White, iirc)
    I would be able to knock off half my Channukah shopping with those shirts.
    Also, maybe something like “Gaza Girls Gone Wild”?
    These ideas are free, as I have no drive to set up my own cafepress shop. (what kind of crappy capitalist am I?)

  4. Well, here’s one vote for shirts that don’t objectify and sleazify a) our own people and b) even worse, somebody else’s. Come fucking on.

  5. That challah shirt was inspired by my recently deceased grandfather nissim. He had been in Israel since 1956 and never really learnt hebrew. He spoke only arabic and knew hebrew from prayers but nothing conversational. anyhow, he was religious and always went to the synagogue and he especially loved shabbat and challah. he thought the sweet challahs i brought up to shlomi from jerusalem were great! need i explain any further?

  6. Where did this “Ramah girls are easy” thing come from? I’ve only ever seen it mentioned on Mobius’ sites. As a former Ramahnik it makes me feel like I’ve been missing something…

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