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Chanukah Mishegaas

My love of the holiday continues with a round-up of what I’ve been reading about Chanukah around the web this week.

If you’re following what’s going on in DC with the size of the guest list at Obama’s Chanukah party, you’d think the third intifada was upon us.
If you’re wondering why the white house even has its own Chanukah party, here you go.
If you’re wondering what random people on the street know about Chanukah, Tablet has you covered with their latest podcast.
If you’re looking to abandon Hillel this year and go with Shamai’s menorah method, get some candy.
If you didn’t have enough Orrin Hatch in your life, check out Richard Silverstein’s rather testy response to the Mormon senator’s new Chanukah song.
If you need even more reactions to Hatch’s song, Tablet has rounded up the best of the best.
If you’re curious about gelt, Haaretz has that story.
If you’ve ever tried to say sour cream in Hebrew, go commiserate with Benji Lovitt. He’s having difficulty finding his favorite latke topping in Israel
If you’ve ever wanted to make a menorah out of challah (and let’s face it–who hasn’t?), check this out.
Don’t forget to light your menorah tonight. Chappy Chanukah.

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