14 thoughts on “Chanukah thought

  1. Also annoying are the cheap chanukios that are given away to students and others (the ones made of tin or aluminum), that require you to resize the candle holders before using.

  2. Perhaps it’s the candles that require melting that have the design flaw.
    Although I wouldn’t object to a self-cleaning chanukkiyah.

  3. Mine wouldn’t require the melting-in if I actually cleaned out the existing wax nubs more often. The design flaw is that it doesn’t just do that automagically.

  4. You need 8 separate cups (or the number of whatever night it is) so that each flame is distinguishable and it doesn’t just look like one big ole bonfire.

  5. actually I always learned that you could use one large bowl of olive oil and so long as the wicks were far apart that the flames were separate/individual you could put all the wicks you needed for that night’s lighting in one bowl. but …most people don’t do that. it is less cute. the lights have to be even in height at the start…
    my hannukiahs have never required melting in the candles and i use candles instead of olive oil these days… so i do think you have a design flaw. the issue is actually the holder for the candle.. how deep is it and of what material is it…
    if it is a material that can be burned and the candles are such that they burn cleanly all the way down, you should actually get at the end a wick burning out the holder, which of course has to be deep enough for this. .. it is also a problem though of the candles you get…. some candles do not burn like this.

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