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Chesapeake NHC Retreat, 4/20-22

Last year, I went to this retreat and thought it was great. In fact, it was so good that this year, the retreat will have a strong crew of Jewschoolers including Shamirpower, Ruby-K, BZ, Jo, RDL, and more. Here are the details:

Havurot and havurah-niks from throughout the Mid-Atlantic and beyond
will gather April 20-22 in Reisterstown Maryland
for a celebration of grassroots Jewish life.
If you’re planning to join us, please REGISTER this week:
We’ll learn Torah, including:
* Exodus from Egypt: What Really Happened? (Does it Matter?)
* Digitally Enhanced: Using Archaeology and Photography to Study Torah
* Globalization and Going Beyond the Letter of the Law
We’ll study words of prayer and songs of praise, including:
* Morning Prayers as a Spiritual Journey
* Sing! Sing! Sing!
* Dwelling in the House of the Lord: Re-examining the 23rd Psalm
We’ll share resources for building Jewish community:
* Havurah: Supportive Community, Spiritual Home
* Siddur Eit Ratzon: Getting to Know a New Prayerbook
* Jewish Book Swap
We’ll connect adam and adamah, people and planet:
* Mayim Hayim: A Jewish Approach to Water & Human Rights
* Visit the new organic farm & greenhouse at Pearlstone Retreat Center
* Seed-saving Workshop
* Family Hike
* Rhapsody in Green
* Kids’ Havurah: Night Hike
* Kids’ Havurah: The Nutrient Cycle on a Jewish Farm
* Ride with “Team Havurah” in Hazon’s DC Jewish Environmental Bike Ride
Come share Shabbat in familiar and new ways with your whole family,
and with new and old friends. Children and teens are most welcome!
Please take a moment to print and send your form:
Looking forward!
Joelle Novey & Blaine Saito
[email protected]

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