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Chicago: Everything Jewish in one place

Attention everyone in Chicago: We’ve been informed about a brand-new website,, which seeks to be a central resource for the Chicago Jewish community. It’s providing a space for people and organizations to advertise their events, as well as to find people with similar interests to organize things with. The site is hot off the presses, so the forums (etc.) are mostly empty right now, but if you know about anything Jewish going on in Chicago, or want to make something happen, go and post it!

8 thoughts on “Chicago: Everything Jewish in one place

  1. Shit, if there’s deep dish involved, I’m moving to Chicago. I bet there’s some really rad jews tucked under those melty layers of cheese…

  2. mmm, deep dish jews.
    i hear rumors of some great stuff happening in Chi-town. Someone tell us what’s cooking out there, aside from the pizza, of course!

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