Christian Evangelists Package New Testament in Lad Mag

The Canton Repository reports (bypass reg),

For many of today’s teens, the Bible, human history’s most important book, is so “yesterday.” Ignorance abounds, and worsens with each generation.

Blending spiritual, cultural and profit-making motives, publishers are cleverly attacking that gap, repackaging and sugarcoating Scripture with add-ons and hot formats.

Behold Refuel (Transit-Thomas Nelson), which disguises the New Testament as a teen magazine for guys. The cover promises, in all capital letters, “Extras: Girls, Cash, and Cars” and “Girls Spill It All!”

Mmm, that’s just how I like my religion: delivered deceptively and in slick packaging! Why not just make a “teenage sex wager” movie that’s really a metaphor for Jesus?

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