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Chuck Lays It Down

Truth Spoken In Jest Department: Scroll in to the seventh minute to see Bill Maher’s interview with New York Senator Charles Schumer. When asked about the possibility of a Jew becoming president, Schumer quips, “There are some anti-Semites in this country, but most of them would vote Republican anyway.” He kids, ladies and gentlemen, he kids!

2 thoughts on “Chuck Lays It Down

  1. Too bad his comments are not accurate. Democrats are far more likely be be antisemetic. Look at the comments for Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Hillary Clinton, and others. Can he name any recent Republicans that have demonstrated any antisemitism?

  2. Are we speaking about the Jews in the United States or the Jews in Israel? Beause it seems to be that, other than Gene Simmons of Kiss, most of the Jews here in the United States have aligned with the Democrats. Lieberman seems to be the lone holdout in the Senate who hasn’t developed selective memory.

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