City Parks Dept. Sends Kids To “Crown Heights”

The NY Post reports,

The Parks Department sent kids in an after-school program to a play that Jewish leaders charge “distorts history” and exacerbates racial tensions, The Post has learned.

The play, called “Crown Heights,” suggests that Jews instigated the 1991 riots in the Brooklyn community of the same name and portrays yeshiva student Yankel Rosenbaum as the victim of an accidental stabbing, not a deliberate killing.

Jonathan Greenspun, Mayor Bloomberg’s adviser on Jewish issues, ripped that scenario as ludicrous.

“In April of last year, Lemrick Nelson admitted in a court of law that he did in fact stab Yankel Rosenbaum,” said Greenspun. “Yankel’s death was not an accident and anyone who thinks otherwise isn’t living in reality.”

The Anti-Defamation League warned that that the play could “exacerbate conflict and refuel hatred.”

Full story here.

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