21 thoughts on “Civil War vs. Jewish Unity

  1. This is some deeply disturbing shit.
    There are not enough of us for this sort of mania to continue: we are one Nation, and to BREAK that nation is a bigger ‘treason to HaShem’ than any this putz could ever consider.

  2. Oh, and that boardgame shit? Reaching from the West Bank to the Sinai? Yeah, that’s hot… fuck if these guys aren’t BEGGING for a kick in the dangling happies…

  3. well, this is something reaching back for generations.
    jews, in today’s culture, ‘leftist’ Jews, tend to let other Jews die or even kill them themselves in order to make their ties with goyim better.
    Why is that OK?

  4. What Rabin did was wrong, but the Irgun’s acceptance of terrorist methods was worse. The situation in Israel was such that one is unfortunately reduced to talking about who engaged in more wrongful conduct. That is the unfortunate reality when a nation faces an existential threat.

  5. Just a reminder to everyone.
    The Israeli leftists are craving for a civil war. They think that Israel will be come a greater country after it is over, just like the U S of A.
    Of course, even member of knesset, Dr. Ephraim Sneh ignores the fact that ‘only’ a few hundred thousand people died between the north and the south.

  6. there’s a big difference.
    The Irgun were directing terror against people with proven records of destruction and murder against Jews – ie the British and Arabs.
    Rabin killed Jewish people in order to kiss goyish ass.

  7. you really think it’s ok that Rabin killed a whole bunch of Jews to kiss up to the british who were trying to destroy Israel? You think the Irgun was worse than someone killing his own in order to appease the non-Jew?

  8. What Rabin did on the Altalena is exactly what everyone wants Abbas to do now. The fascist position is always to favor “national” “unity” over everything else, which is what Hamas supports. The leftist points out that the Altalena happened only *after* the state of Israel had been declared, while today people expect Abbas to act without a state having been formed yet.
    I bet if you could get all the Kahanists and the Hamas in the same room, they’d get along great. It’s the same personality type.

  9. well hey, why don’t you go to Israel and sacrifice yourself to your wonderful ideas instead of sitting here telling us to sacrifice ourselves?
    You wanna be the guinea pig to test someone’s newfound peace groove who has a proven terrorist record? Don’t tell us to do it, we have to save our lives. They’re killing us.

  10. “I bet if you could get all the Kahanists and the Hamas in the same room, they’d get along great. It’s the same personality type.”
    Extremism in response to extremism is no virtue. Gimme a break.

  11. josh wrote: “The Israeli leftists are craving for a civil war. ”
    yeah right…
    “JERUSALEM, Oct 21 (AFP) – A right-wing Knesset member Tuesday accused high-profile Israeli leftists who drafted an unofficial peace plan with the Palestinians of “treason” and demanded they be sentenced to death or life imprisonment.
    “Those who initiated the Geneva agreement have perpetrated a crime of treason necessitating a death sentence or life imprisonement,” Shaul Yahalom, who heads the radical National Religious Party (NRP), wrote in a letter to Attorney General Elyakim Rubinstein, according to a copy obtained by AFP. ”
    Knesset member urges death for Israeli authors of “Geneva” peace plan
    “This morning RHR delegation was attacked by settlers while documenting cut trees. […] Five young settlers, some of them with there face covered, descended with clubs. Rabbi Ascherman and David Nir were kicked with clubs and stones. They took Rabbi Ascherman’s Kipa (head cover) and said that this was their land. ”

    Rabbis for Human Rights Attacked and Beaten by Israeli Settlers

    “An Israeli was lightly wounded when settlers fired warning shots on Saturday at a large group of Israeli human rights activists and the Palestinians they were helping to harvest olives in the hills near Yitzhar and Itamar in Samaria.
    “During my army service I was shot at several times. I was always scared. This time I wasn’t. It was crazy. I was just furious. I stood there and shouted again, ‘I am an Israeli.’ One of the settlers shouted ‘dirty leftist’ and shot at me. It hit the ground a meter and a half away from me. I shouted to the settler, ‘You got it, you hit me.'”
    Israeli injured when settlers fire at Israeli and Palestinian olive pickers by Tovah LAzaroff, Jerusalem Post

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