CK's Boyfriend In The Hotseat

The Jewish Journal reports,

Dov Charney, founder, CEO and president of American Apparel, has been hailed by many anti-sweatshop activists as a pioneer in the fair treatment of garment workers in Los Angeles, in an industry notorious for substandard working conditions and abuse. It’s a reputation, along with a quality product and a sexy image, that the 36-year-old, self-described “Jewish hustler” has parlayed into a company with sales expected to hit $250 million this year. But now, a competing, unflattering reputation is beginning to overtake his good press, as allegations of sexual harassment come to light.
[…] Charney denies any wrongdoing. He labels the lawsuits as shakedowns that are attempts by disgruntled ex-employees to exploit his open personality. “The only victim here, unfortunately, is the accused,” he told The Journal.

Check the JewishJournal for the full story. (c/o RPD)

5 thoughts on “CK's Boyfriend In The Hotseat

  1. I always thought that the real purpose behind circumcision was to curb excessive lust in the Jewish male, which is probably why you almost never hear about stories like this one.

  2. This guy Charny is just your typical oversexed horny Jew. The notion that circumcision curbs “excessive lust in the Jewish male” is pure b.s. If anything, studies have actually shown the opposite — that because circumcision leads to penile desensitivity, circumcised men actually tend to masturbate more often and will often resort to kinkier ways of providing the sexual stimulation that they lose out on because of this desensitivity.

  3. And more successful copulations (with his employees) is exactly what Charney seems to have been looking for.

  4. Excessive lust – dunno what you are talking about. Hey check her out over there! Sorry got distracted.

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