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Classic Chanukah Song

Every year I lament the awful songs that are associated with Chanukah in the English speaking world (I wonder, do American Hindus and Muslims feel this way too?). I don’t have any problem with Mi Yimalel, but you know, how many times can you sing it? And Christians have a lot of very nice holiday songs – mostly penned by MOTs.
But there is, in my opinion, one major exception. Thank heaven for Tom Lehrer, that’s all I have to say. And in the meantime, if anyone knows of any listenable Chanukah songs that can be happily sung around the chanukiah without a lot of electronic assistance, feel free to let me know. OR for that matter, any listenable Chanukah songs of any kind (I do admit to have some warm feelings for “How do you spell Channukkahh” from the LeeVees last year)

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