9 thoughts on “Closed!

  1. dang. they had the best hot corned beef sandwich in the history of… well, history!
    maybe if their hechsher had been more frum, the LES religious community coulda’ helped keep them afloat…?
    (just guessing here)

  2. Um, maybe a little more information than this screaming headline? Is the deli permanently closed? Why? How do you know?

  3. This is insanity. On my blog, I’ve been fuming about how slowly, surely, steadily, all my favorite spots are being driven out of the city. The first wave was music, Manny’s Car Wash (blues), Tramps (everything), Chicago BLUES (blues) The Five Spot (jazz), Wetlands (everything), CBGBs (i don’t have to tell you what they played, right). Now, McHale’s, a hamburger giant (literally) in the five boroughs, is about to shut it doors after 50 years so the three story building its in can be raised for a 42 story condo building. NOW THIS?!
    John Brown, I have to disagree with you. Second Ave was my favorite. And I’m furious to see it go.
    If the NY1 article is right, it seems that the landlords want to jack the rent an additional 5K a month, which is a more than 20 percent increase. Maybe our tough talking mayor with his name in Hebrew signs across the city can step it up on this one?

  4. John Brown,
    The absurdly high real estate market is destroying the city, but Bloomberg is facilitating its destruction. The tenements south of Houson on the eastern side of Orchard street were knocked down. We are watching our history bulldozed in a manner not seen since the late 60’s, when the radio district (the oldest part of the city) was demolished to build the world trade center. The development of the waterfront will destroy Williamsburg’s culture as well.
    Moby, why under “North America?” New York deserves it’s own category. Everywhere else can be “North America.”

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