Come On, Big Boy…

Oh, swoon. Chris Noth, of Sex and the City fame – he played the (in)famous Mr. Big – is touring the sights in Israel.

Noth, also known for his role as Detective Mike Logan on Law & Order, will be here for 10 days to tour the country and visit Jerusalem, Eilat, Tel Aviv, and the Dead Sea.

While here, he will film a new advertising campaign for deodorants produced by the company, Careline. He will be paid about $250,000, Yediot Aharonot reported.

The actor was invited to come after he spoke out against a tour cancellation by Madonna in May 2004, according to Ari Marom, director of North American marketing operations for the Ministry of Tourism.

“He considers himself a supporter of Israel and we followed up on that and invited him to come,” Marom said.

Full story.
(courtesy of The Yada Blog)

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